In May, 2022 I visited Cape Coral, Florida to see the resident Burrowing Owls. Cape Coral is one of the best places to view these little guys and girls. During my visit I saw ~30 Burrowing owls including owlets. Early May is a great time to visit as the owlets are ~ 2 weeks old and start to venture out of the burrow. By 12 weeks they leave the burrow.

The adults are only 8-11 inches tall and ~7 oz in weight. The female lays on average 7 eggs.

The owls have many predators including cats, dogs, eagles and hawks. Probably the biggest threat to their survival is the loss of habitat. They build their burrows often in vacant lots. As Cape Coral housing development explodes the owls lose their nesting sites. The city loves the owls and they are the official city bird of Cape Coral.  

While viewing the owls I photographed a few other birds including some beautiful Monk Parakeets.



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