In early March 2015 I attended a photography workshop  in Alaska. This was a Northern Lights workshop organized by Andy Long ( First Light Photography Workshops). We spent the first couple days in Fairbanks. In Fairbanks we went to the 2015 World Ice Art Championships. This event attracts sculptors from all over the world. The intricate patterns they carve in the ice is amazing.

While in Fairbanks we also attended  dog sled races put on by the Alaska Dogmushers Ass. An interesting event was skijoring. This is a cross country skier pulled by one to three dogs. All the dogs were so excited to race that they had to be held down at the start line. An added bonus was the Iditarod. The Iditarod  normally starts in Willow Alaska but the start was moved to Fairbanks because of lack of snow. So I was able to see the start of the race.

We then headed up the Dalton Highway ( Ice Trucker Road ) 270 miles to Wiseman Alaska. This truly is an ice road and very treacherous. Wiseman population 10 people is 60 miles north of the border to the Arctic Circle. Wiseman is located directly under the stongest aurora band in the United States. We had 4 clear nights and very good aurora activity. It was a little cool at night with temps ranging from -20 to -35 degrees. The scenery was also beautiful to photograph.

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