In November, 2021 I took a trip to Alaska. I went to see the largest gathering of Bald Eagles in the world in Haines, Alaska. There is a late run of Chum salmon which draws the eagles.        During my trip I had the full gamut of weather. Starting with sun then clouds then rain and sleet fog and finally heavy snow. This provided me with spectacular landscapes and great scenery to photograph the eagles. While in Haines I attended an eagle photography workshop by Matt Shetzers. I can highly recommend his workshops

I also drove to Whitehorse Yukon. I was treated to a spectacular Northern Lights show. I also visited a wildlife preserve in Whitehorse. The animal enclosures were huge. The highlight was a friendly Moose calf and 2 tiny Lynx kittens.

At the end of the gallery there are 4 Northern lights videos. When you run the video click on the 3 white dots on the bottom right and slow the video down to get a better show.



Visitor Comments

  • Lisa Romaniuk

    on December 14, 2021

    Oh my goodness! These pictures are AMAZING!

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