In June 2017 I made a trip to Kodiak Alaska. We had 8 in our group.We spent one day taking a boat tour around Kodiak Island to see the puffins,otters and Humpback whales. The next day we flew out to Ayakulik Lodge where we spent a week fishing for Sockeye & King Salmon plus photographing the resident Kodiak Bears. Ayakulik Lodge is a great place to fish and see the bears. The Ayakulik River gets a run of 300,000 Sockeye Salmon. This brings in the bears that have no reason to leave the area. We saw a total of 9 bears including a mother with two1st year cubs.

Visitor Comments

  • Lisa Romaniuk

    on July 15, 2017

    Excellent set of shots Vic! Well done. I love the eagles the most!

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