In June 2016 I visited Silver Salmon Creek Lodge to photograph the Brown Bears. The Lodge is located in Lake Clark National Park on the shores of Cook Inlet. This was my second visit to the lodge. The last time I visited in September when the salmon were running. This visit was early  season before the salmon had arrived. We had good weather with long sunny days. We saw plenty of bears. The most in one day was 13. There was 2 mothers with 2 spring cubs each, 1 mother with 2 second year cubs, 2 third year cubs on their own, several single mothers and multiple male (boar) bears. Some of the bears we would see each day others would move in and out of the area. As a bonus we took a boat ride to see a puffin colony where we photographed a very tolerant sea otter.

Visitor Comments

  • Leanne Sabo

    on August 19, 2016

    Hi Vic love the bears and the cubs are so cute..
    I enjoy looking at all your pictures..

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