In October 2019 I had a planned trip to Antarctica.  Unfortunately I never made it there. We were on the Resolute Ship for 3 days and needed to get additional fuel. However we spent 2 days in port but we were unable to get any fuel. The OneOcean Company the tour operator was  behind in payments to the vendors and couldn't secure the fuel so the trip was cancelled. We then spent 3 additional days getting back to our original port at Buenos Aires. So 8 days on the ship going nowhere.                                                                           The Oryx Company who set up the trip was able to save the day and arranged a trip into Patagonia. We had a great time. We did an excursion on another ship to see several glaciers and also visited Cape Horn. After that we went up into Patagonia where I saw a nice variety of wildlife. The highlight was seeing a mother Puma and four cubs about ten months old.



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