In February/March, 2022 I attended a Shetzers Photography tour of Costa Rica. We visited multiple sites from the Northern Costa Rica rain forest in the tropical lowlands. We then visited the highlands. During the tour I saw and photographed a great variety of wildlife from frogs, snakes, birds to my main goals of hummingbirds and two toed and three toed sloths.

Matt is an excellent photographer and has organized a fantastic trip. His multi flash setup allows us to take beautiful hummingbird and bat photos.

The sloths are not endangered however many are injured. They are hit by cars, attached by dogs and electrocuted by uninsulated electric wires. I visited a rescue center and saw some of the sloth orphaned babies. The sloth images at the beginning of the gallery are from the rescue center. All the other sloth images are wild sloths we saw on the tour.



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